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lntegrative Psychotherapist

I'm a kind, qualified, integrative psychotherapist working in Central London W1G 9JB. I have a good deal of experience of many different issues, including from when I worked in an NHS setting.

I am experienced in dealing with:

  • relationship issues

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • workplace issues

  • depression

  • emotional overwhelm

  • sleep issues

  • women's issues (including fertility)

  • difficulty speaking up. 

My specialisms include burnout, relationship issues, narcissism, and dealing with aged parents/dementia. I am trained in Fertility counselling and Implications therapy, which can be challenging so give me a call to arrange an assessment if you are thinking about it.  

If you need help or support give me a call on 07561638903. I probably won't be able to take your call straight away but if you leave a message I will phone you back.


My approach

I am an Integrative psychotherapist which means I draw from a number of different theoretical approaches depending on the person and the issue they are experiencing. I trained at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education which teaches several different psychotherapy approaches across life stages, whilst strongly emphasizing spirituality.

Jung and his work drew me to psychotherapy. I find him hugely inspirational and far easier to relate to than Freud. I love his emphasis on dreams and their meanings. I've had a lifelong interest in what makes us do the things we do and studied to be a psychologist before training in psychotherapy. 

​If you came to me for therapy, I’d start with an initial consultation to understand what you want to gain from therapy. We'd talk through how therapy will help you achieve it.

I would also ask you about the background to your issues plus information about your family, because the family is where we learned to behave and interact with other people, and learned how to disagree with them. In that first therapy session, I would probably ask lots of questions but after that the balance would shift so you would do more of the talking. At the sixth session we would talk through progress and agree whether to continue to longer term therapy. 

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (a Professional body for psychotherapists) and the British Infertility Counsellors Association.

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Contact Me

I have some limited availability for face-to-face therapy.
I prefer to work face-to-face as I find working on emotional issues easier that way. Healing comes through the relationship with the therapist.


The therapy rooms are slightly closer to Bond Street than Oxford Street.

My fees are £75 an hour but concessions are available depending on the circumstances.

My contact details including phone number are given below - give me a call. If I don't take your call I may be busy with clients so leave a message and I will phone you back. 

37 Queen Anne Street
(entrance in Wimpole Street)



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